City of Norfolk Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2024

The City of Norfolk has seven broad service objectives to better guide how City funds are allocated across the services the City providesTied to each of the service objectives are performance measures that directly address the objectives. The performance measures include resident survey questions, as well as departmental performance measures. Click on each of the strategic goals and objectives below to learn more about how the City is tracking its performance and prioritizing its budget.

Resilient Norfolk

Intentional planning and community investment that creates a desirable, inclusive community with a lasting built and natural environment.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

To design, construct, and maintain city facilities and infrastructure to provide workable, livable, and sustainable space with a multi-modal transportation network that provides for the safe, efficient, inclusive, and reliable movement of people, goods, services, and information.

Economic Opportunity For Residents and Businesses

A strong tax base, a diverse economy, and a straightforward regulatory environment that enable businesses to flourish and create good jobs for residents who have access to training and workforce development designed to equip them with the skills needed to compete in a 21st century economy.

Learning and Enrichment Opportunities for Residents and Visitors

Opportunities for lifelong learning and diverse arts and culture offerings that enhance social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development for residents and visitors.

Safe, Engaged, and Informed Community

People are safe anytime, anywhere in Norfolk. Our community is inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Residents connect in vibrant neighborhoods to build trust and a rich civic life. The city uses technology and rich community networks to share information, solicit feedback, and make it easy to utilize city services.

Community Support and Well-Being

Access to recreation, health, social services, and basic utilities that create an active, healthy, socially thriving, and inclusive community that helps residents live a meaningful life, feel empowered to make change, and be happy, healthy, and connected to their community.

Efficient And Responsive Government

A data-informed and innovative organization that delivers essential services efficiently and is responsive and accountable to the community. As good stewards of our resources, prudent budgeting and financial practices demonstrate fiscal responsibility and increase resilience to economic shocks.

City Budget by Service Objective

The following tables show how the City allocates its budget by service objective in the FY 2024 Budget.