Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center

A safe haven for all animals in the City of Norfolk. 

NACC provides shelter for all animals

What is NACC?

The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center is an open-admission shelter -- animals are never turned away, regardless of species, age, health, or temperament.  NACC’s efforts focus solely on local animals in need. NACC cares for 400 to 600 animals each month, and more than 5,000 animals each year.
Reuniting furry family members with their loved ones
NACC provides many services to animals and residents. Staff at NACC help lost pets return home through microchipping and with facial recognition technology through a partnership with Finding Rover, implemented in 2019.  In the last year, staff has worked hard to increase the number of animals that return to their homes. Through November 2019, 856 dogs were reunited with their families, an increase of 10 percent. Nearly 120 cats returned home thanks to our staff, an increase of 103 percent.

We find loving fur-ever homes for adoptable animals

We strive toward positive outcomes for all of the healthy, adoptable animals that come to our shelter. About 39 percent of animals that came to NACC in the last year found happiness with new families. In the last year, hard work by NACC staff has resulted in a nearly 9 percent increase in the numbers of dog adoptions from NACC. Cat adoptions increased by more than 11 percent. 

Expanding local partnerships
NACC worked tirelessly in the last year to strengthen its partnerships with other animal care organizations such as the Norfolk SPCA in order to increase adoption opportunities. 
NACC received help from 53 total organizations; 15 organizations have taken 5 or more animals over the past two years, while 38 have taken 4 or less.   
NACC established new partnerships with the Lynchburg Humane Society, the Richmond SPCA and the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.
These new and stronger partnerships allowed NACC to boost its transfer rate by nearly 108 percent for dogs through November 2019, and by nearly 18 percent for cats. 
(NACC does not transfer animals to PETA but does receive animals from this group.)   

Fostering provides a temporary home for dogs and cats

Thanks to a stable of dedicated volunteers, NACC places kittens, cats and dogs into foster homes for temporary care.

For neo-natal kittens, foster families provide intensive, around the clock care. Fosters nurse the kittens with formula to increase their weight. Once they have reached the minimum required weight, kittens can be spayed or neutered and become available for adoption. Through November 2019, volunteers have provided foster care to 537 cats.

Foster homes for medium and large dogs help lead to adoption

In the last year, NACC has dedicated additional resources to providing foster homes to medium and large dogs. Foster placement for these dogs gives them a break from the stresses of the shelter. This allows foster parents to observe the dog's true nature and provide valuable insight on training and behaviors to potential adopters and placement in loving, forever homes. Through November 2019, 77 dogs had been placed into foster care.
In 2019, NACC won a $100,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to hire a coordinator and expand its foster program for medium and large dogs. 

Balancing animal outcomes
Sadly, not every animal that arrives at our shelter is suitable for transfer, foster or adoption. NACC receives wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels. A portion of the cats we receive are feral -- about 10 percent -- and unable to be socialized as human companions. Some animals arrive here too sick or gravely injured to survive -- we work closely with the Animal Protection Unit of the Norfolk Police Department, which investigates cases of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Finally, some pet owners ask us to assist their pets to die peacefully.
As a result, NACC provides humane euthanasia service.  In the last year, NACC humanely euthanized less than 15 percent of the dogs that came to the shelter. That represents a DECREASE of nearly 20 percent through November compared to the same time period in 2018. 
The number of cats humanely euthanized during the same time period fell by nearly 12 percent.
We have made significant strides over the last four years toward reducing the number of animals humanely euthanized at our shelter, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff and volunteers. The chart at right shows this shift.
We are grateful to direction and leadership from Norfolk's City Council to redouble our lifesaving efforts for the animals in our care. We also thank our many foster and shelter partners for helping to achieve this success. It takes help from our entire community to provide the best possible outcomes for animals in our city.  

We thrive with a little help from our Friends

All of us here at NACC are so grateful to the Friends of NACC, a non-profit group that provides support for animals through subsidizing adoption fees, medical care such as amputations or spay/neuter surgery and blood testing for senior dogs, and for their many hours of volunteer time helping staff and animals.

Volunteers make us mighty!
We love our volunteers! Help from volunteers provides the equivalent of SIX additional full time staff. Those who volunteer with us work in the shelter -- walking and feeding dogs and cleaning their kennels, cleaning cat condos and feeding them with love and pats, washing and drying laundry so we can provide fresh, clean bedding for all the animals here every day. These amazing volunteers also help us in countless other ways, from helping to staff community events to providing donations to our Pet Pantry. Want to join this amazing team? Click here for volunteer FAQs and an application!

More to come

The year 2020 brings more exciting changes to NACC! In January 2020, NACC expanded its evening hours, staying open until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to provide additional adoption opportunities. Additionally, NACC plans to purchase its first-ever mobile adoption unit to bring adoptable animals directly into Norfolk neighborhoods! Click here to visit the NACC website.

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