Resident Survey 2022

Survey Overview

The City of Norfolk is committed to using data to help inform decisions and allocate resources. One important source of data is input from residents about their priorities and satisfaction with the services we provide.
To provide up-to-date information regarding resident priorities and satisfaction, Norfolk contracted with ETC Institute to conduct a survey of residents. This survey was conducted in the fall of 2022; surveys were sent via the U.S. Postal Service and respondents were given the choice of responding by mail, online, or by telephone. This survey represents a random and statistically valid sample of residents from across the city. ETC Institute monitored responses and followed up to ensure all sections of the city were represented.  An opportunity was also provided for residents not included in the random sample to take the survey and express their views. A resident survey will be conducted every two years.
This data story features directions for how to view and use resident survey data, access to the resident survey response dashboard, a video presentation given to City Council, and additional useful resources and links.

How to view and use the survey data

Results from the survey have been published right here in the Open Data Portal. Click here to view the dataset!
To download the dataset, click Export for use in other applications such as Excel. Click the Visualize button to create your own data visualizations including bar graphs, pie charts, maps, and more. 

Resident Survey Interactive Dashboard

Click through this interactive dashboard to explore various responses to questions on the resident survey. 

Dashboard Insight

When asked to rank which services were the most important for the city to address, police, public schools, and code enforcement received the highest rankings.
The survey responses align with what City Council and staff have heard were resident concerns and priorities. In many cases, programs are in place or development to meet the concerns documented in the survey.

Presentation of Survey to Council

Below is a video of the presentation of the resident survey findings to the Norfolk City Council. Click this link to view a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation given to Council. 

Resident Survey YouTube Video

Additional Resources

Click here to view the Executive Summary of Resident Survey Findings. This link features in-depth analysis of major findings from the survey. 
Click here to view the Resident Survey website. This link features general information about the survey and an FAQ. 
Click here to view the 2022 Resident Survey Questions.