Mental Health, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Use Disorder Services

Norfolk Community Services Board (CSB) is the primary provider of public mental health, substance abuse, intellectual /developmental disabilities and substance use disorder in Norfolk, VA. CSB was founded in 1969 so that Norfolk residents could receive treatment in the community where they lived, surrounded by their family and friends. The services provided by CSB spans from outreach and prevention through intensive psychiatric care. CSB services are provided by clinical service professionals with expertise in these service areas. 
The City of Norfolk has released a dataset showing a monthly breakdown of specific services that CSB provides Norfolk’s residents. The dataset features the total hourly duration of the service by month and the type of service. These services include mental health, developmental, substance abuse, and emergency services. This dataset will be updated daily.

Why this data matters

Presenting a monthly breakdown of certain services provided by Norfolk CSB allows anyone to evaluate the usage of the important city mental health services available to the public. It also makes residents aware of the services available to them.

Program Areas by Type

Mental Health
Mental health program areas include supportive residential services, case management services, outpatient services, intensive community treatment, rehabilitation, and medical services. 
Included in the case management program are the following:
  • Assessing needs and planning services, including the development of a case management Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Assisting individuals to locate, develop, or obtain needed services, resources, and appropriate public benefits
  • Providing follow-up instruction, education and supportive counseling to guide individuals
For a full listing of mental health case management program services, please visit the Norfolk Community Service Board website here.
Intellectual and developmental programs areas include case management services, rehabilitation, sheltered employment, supported employment-group model, and supportive residential services.
Services include: 
  • Identifying and reaching out to potential consumers through assessing needs and planning services
  • Linking the individual to services and support
  • Assisting the individual directly to locate, develop, or obtain needed services and resources
For a full listing of intellectual and developmental services, please visit the Norfolk Community Service Board website here.
Substance Use
Substance use program areas include case management services, intensive outpatient services, medical services, medication assisted treatment, and outpatient services. 
Services through case management include:
  • Comprehensive assessment of case management needs
  • Development of, in conjunction with the individual, an Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Use of community resources, especially recovery support group
For a full listing of substance use case management services, please visit the Norfolk Community Service Board website here.
Emergency Services
Emergency services program areas include assessment and evaluation services and client monitoring.
Services include:
  • Expert testimony in court
  • Telephone, in-person, and informational counseling
  • Pre-admission screening and referral 
For a full listing of emergency services, please visit the Norfolk Community Service Board website here.

What the data tells us

This dashboard shows a monthly breakdown of the hours of service provided in mental health, developmental, emergency, and substance use services by the Norfolk Community Services Board. 


For more information about the services provided by the City of Norfolk's Community Services Board, including branch locations and phone numbers, please visit their website.