Whether you were born here, are a longtime resident, or a newcomer; open datasets can tell you a lot about your city and the services Norfolk provides. This data story gives you a glimpse of the resources the Open Data Portal includes.
The datasets featured in this story are:

Address Information

The Address Information dataset is a compilation of information related to addresses in the City of Norfolk. It provides quick and easy access to details such as school districts, municipal services, planning, public safety, and civic leadership for each address in Norfolk. 
Use this map to search for any address and hover over the dot to see information about that location. You can also zoom into the map to see specific addresses.

Parks and Playgrounds

The Parks and Playgrounds dataset allows you to filter by amenities offered in City of Norfolk parks, playground and recreation facilities. Use the map below to locate parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers all over Norfolk. You can also search for dog parks, fenced parks, or parks with lighting.
There are many ways to utilize the data in this dataset for recreation across Norfolk. Hover over each of the points on the map for more information about each park or playground.
Additional Resources Include:

Road Closures

This dataset shows all Closure Permits for Street, Lane, Alley, Sidewalk and intersections that were issued by the Right of Way Management Division. Check out the map on the left to see details on all of the right-of-way closures occurring this year.

Street Sweeping

The City of Norfolk’s Street Sweeping Program is designed to remove pollutants such as oil, grease, nutrients, and sediment from the roadway before entering the stormwater system. It supports Norfolk’s initiative for cleaner waterways by reducing pollution and nuisance flooding, minimizing stormwater runoff, and collecting approximately 6,682 tons of debris per year.
This dashboard below lists the street sweeping schedule for each address and shows the dates that curb in front of Norfolk addresses will be swept. The dataset will be updated at the beginning of each calendar year or as the street sweeping schedule changes.

Public Safety

The Norfolk Police Department (NPD) has provided information on the Open Data Portal regarding incident reports for police incidents occurring in the last five years. Additionally, current crime reports are visually represented on the crime mapping link. Datasets from NPD also include active warrants and arrests in the last 24 hours.

Code Enforcement

Code inspectors for the Division of Neighborhood Quality work throughout the city each day to enforce the state's building code, as well as to notify property owners of nuisance violations such as tall weeds and grass or inoperable vehicles.
You can search for complaints and violations issued at properties across Norfolk using the address search tool below. Just enter an address in the search bar and click on the box next to the address. A list of complaints, special programs, and violations that have been issued at the address will then appear. The second page of the dashboard provides citywide data regarding complaints and violations in Norfolk.

Additional Resources

We provide this data as an affirmation of our commitment to transparency and community collaboration. We hope that you will use this data to improve your community, spark a business idea or just satisfy your curiosity.
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