About this Dataset

The Electric Vehicle Charging Stations dataset on Norfolk's Open Data Portal contains locations of electric vehicle charging stations in Norfolk, VA as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy in their Alternative Fuels Data Center.
Aligned with the City of Norfolk’s Climate Action Plan goal to increase energy efficiency, implement clean energy, and reduce vehicle reliance, electric vehicle charging stations will support the transition to a zero-emissions transportation sector. As electric vehicles become more common in Norfolk, this dataset will allow residents to locate charging stations based on type of charging port, access times, address, and other criteria.

How this Data is Collected

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center maintains a database of EV charging stations across the nation. Data is updated daily via an online submission form.

How this Data is Utilized 

This data helps to identify gaps in EV infrastructure and opportunities for new charging stations.
Currently, Norfolk's Environmental Sustainability Division is undertaking a study to prepare for how EVs may impact our community, with a focus on where charging stations may be located to serve our residents. The study will address EV topics such as total number of projected EVs, locations where charging demand will be highest, equity-based installation strategies, and EV implementation frameworks.

Visualizing the Data

View the dashboard below to interact with the Electric Vehicle Charging Station dataset. 
Use the filters to locate stations by connector, port type, network, and charger level. 

Why this Data Matters

The Electric Vehicle Charging Stations dataset will equip residents with the knowledge to make informed decisions on EV ownership and management. Residents interested in transitioning to an EV or current EV owners may utilize this dataset to determine how an EV will fit their lifestyle.
The transition to EVs will support the City’s Climate Action Plan by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector. Unlike fuel-powered vehicles, EVs do not produce tailpipe emissions that contribute to climate change and poor air quality.
As more community members drive EVs, we can greatly improve air quality and reduce our carbon footprint. By providing transparent data on EV charging infrastructure, we may encourage more residents to make the switch to EVs and take an active role in improving Norfolk’s environment. This data will supplement the EV study to provide a roadmap for residents, businesses, and the city to prepare and plan for the transition to EVs.

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