Where is the data in your neighborhood?

Norfolk Open Data provides tools to learn about your street, your neighborhood and your community. 

We launched this portal in March 2018 to provide free access to data collected by the city. This is your data, and we want it to work for you. Here are a few options to explore.

First up: Address Information Resource

Whether you are a native, a longtime resident or a newcomer, this data set can tell you a lot about any address in the city. It includes dozens of data points.
Find your nearest park, playground or library. Find your polling station along with contact information for elected officials from City Council to Congress. Need to know your trash or recycling pick-up days, or your street's sweeping schedule? Those are in the Address Information Resource, too. 
To search for your address, click on the filter and select "Full Address" and "is" from the drop down options. To search for your civic league, select "Civic League" and "is" from the dropdown options. You may need to use all caps.

Where is the Data in your Neighborhood Map

Search for your address, then hover over the locator dot to see all kinds of information about your spot!

Next: Parks and Playgrounds

Norfolk has so many ways to get out and play!

Looking for a park with picnic shelters to host a birthday party or reunion? Hoping to host a disc golf or horseshoes competition? The Parks and Playgrounds data set allows you to filter by amenities offered in our city parks, playground and recreation facilities. 

You can find tons of other information on recreation here, too.

  • Use the map to locate parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers all over the city.
  • You can even find dog parks, fenced parks, or parks with lighting.
  • Check out the Pace bike or bike and pedestrian trip count data set to see who's out on foot or bike and where they are headed.
  • Want to know the schedule for our mowing team? It's in here!
  • Our city boasts hundreds of significant trees, prized for their age or species or magnificent size. Check out the full listing in the significant trees data set, and find one near you.
  • Locate public art all over the city with the Public Art data set and accompanying map. Make your own personalized sightseeing guide! 

Parks and Playgrounds Map

Use the interactive map below to find out more about the city's parks and playground locations. Hover over each of the points on the full map to get information about that park or playground. Or select a park address from the dropdown to pinpoint it on the map.

Public Safety and Code Enforcement

We know you want to understand everything that's happening in your neighborhood. That's why we have provided data sets from the Norfolk Police Department and the Neighborhood Development Department's Division of Neighborhood Quality.
Incidents, crime and arrests
Norfolk Police Department has provided information on incident reports and crimes for the last five years. Current crime reports are visually represented on the crime mapping link. Data sets for NPD also include active warrants and arrests in the last 24 hours
Neighborhood Quality
Code inspectors for the Division of Neighborhood Quality work throughout the city each day to enforce the state's building code, as well as to notify property owners of nuisance violations such as tall weeds and grass or inoperable vehicles. You can search this data for information across the entire city. Or you can use one of the pre-set filters to see the most common violations or complaints in your neighborhood.

Location, Location, Location

Why are there orange traffic barrels on my commute? What kind of construction project is happening at the building down the street? Are home values in my neighborhood going up? You can find the answers to these questions right here on NorfolkOpenData. The Road Closure permits data set, based on Public Works data, shows every road closure in the city. The Permits and Inspections data set provides information about permits for building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire, amusement, elevator, certificates of occupancy, and zoning permits -- along with inspections and violations. And the Real Estate Assessor's assessment and sales data sets for 2021 and 2022 can help you keep tabs on land and property values in your neighborhood. 

We are so glad you're here! 

Feel free to view, download and manipulate this data. We provide this data as an affirmation of our commitment to transparency and community collaboration. We hope that you will use this data to improve your community, spark a business idea or just satisfy your curiosity.  Data will be updated and expanded often as we work to build a comprehensive open data portal.

As always, we are available to demonstrate the power of Norfolk Open Data to your organization. If you would like to request Open Data training for your neighborhood or civic group, or if you would like to suggest a data set, please contact us 664-4007 or email opendata@norfolk.gov.